Alacriant Inc. is in the process of undergoing a strategic planning process to help guide us as to what we want our future to look like.

This past September, our leadership team attended a two-day, intensive planning session with Synergy Business Group. We took the time to critically examine our company and establish a strategic focus on the areas that we, as a company, can excel.

A large part of this strategic plan is the adoption of our new “Core Values” – Safety, Accountability, Customer-Focused, Respectful, and Teamwork.

At the top of the list is safety.  Safety comes first for our employees at all times.   Next, accountability.  All of us at Alacriant will honor our commitments to our customers and to each other.  Next, customer-focused.  Employees are committed to doing what it takes to meet customer expectations.  Next, respectful.  We treat others professionally, with dignity and courtesy.  Finally, teamwork.  We work together as one for the good of all.

During our strategic planning, we developed our hedgehog.  A hedgehog is a concept that was identified in the book “Good to Great” and has become known for creating focus and driving profitability.   Our hedgehog at Alacriant is consistently executing outcomes critical to our customer’s success.  We want to stand out from our competition. Our goal is to excel at this.  Today, we are good at this. But our goal is not just to be good, but to be outstanding at this.

Our plan also consists of our goals – both long-range and short-range.  Our ultimate goal is to become an outcome-driven organization that will serve our customers with the same dedication and exceptional quality that they have come to expect from us.